Biodesign Farm

Welcome to Biodesign Farm.  We have 30 acres of pasture, native plant, vegetable and fruit production. We are developing a farm production system based on natural nutrient cycles (including farm-grown fertilizer), conservation water management, biological insect and disease control, and  weed ecology. The goal of our “conservation farming” is to increase farm profitability by decreasing labor and land requirements, while striving to mimic the ecological principles that make native plant systems sustainable, without large inputs from humans.

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Helen Atthowe
Biodesign Farm
1541 South Burnt
Fork Rd.
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 258-4205

 The ecological principles we hope to mimic include:  reduced tillage, increased species and genetic diversity, closed nutrient cycles, and creation of more diverse habitat. We look at our farm from a “landscape”, or watershed level, and hope to reconnect wild areas, agriculture, and urban areas. Conservation agriculture is both biologically and socially a local agriculture.