Ploughshare Farm

PLOUGHSHARE FARM is located on about 18 acres in the Moiese Valley, just yards east of the Flathead River and a few miles west of the Mission Mountains.  Cale Nittinger and Nicole Jarvis moved to the farm in the spring of 2007 with their young son, Connor, and a few milk goats to keep the place busy.  They are members of Homegrown, the Montana Sustainable Farmers Union, and the Western Montana Growers Co-op.  You can find them selling tomato starts and a variety of produce at Farmer's Markets in Missoula on Saturdays and in Polson on Fridays throughout the summer months.  They specialize in tomato starts, shallots, indian corn, and sunchokes, and dabble in everything else that is possible to grow in montana.  In the spring, baby milk goats, milk, and cheese are plentiful on the farm.  Ploughshare Farm practices crop rotation, composting, cover cropping, and other methods to improve the soil.  NO chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used on the land or the crops.   

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Cale Nittinger
& Nicole Jarvis
Ploughshare Farm
45865 School House Ln.
Moise, MT 59824
(406) 644-8760

ploughshare at market