Yourganic Farm
We are a small family farm in the Bitterroot Valley. We grow vegetables, medicinal herbs and raise pastured livestock. We grow a wide variety of vegetables and sell at the Hamilton farmers' Market and select stores in the Bitterroot and Missoula.

The sustainable cultivation and wildcrafting of medicinal herbs is another aspect of our business. We grow high-quality medicinal roots; echinacea angustifolia, marshmallow, bikal skullcap, horseradish and elecampane as well as many other herbs. We also wildcraft herbs that grow naturally, or invasively (such as St. John's wort) in the Bitterroot Valley. We sell the fresh herbs nationwide to companies and individuals who then process them into alternative medicines.

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Leon Stengl
& Pam Watts
Yourganic Farm
1550 Chaffin Ln.
Corvallis, MT 59828
(406) 961-5452

Yourganic Farm is also home to many animals. We pasture feed-sheep, cattle, chickens and pigs. We take advantage and great pleasure of our pigs' natural inclination to act as miniature plows and weed eaters. We sit back and watch as their strong noses roof for tasty morsels beneath the earth and consequently work up an entire pasture. Our pigs spend their entire lives in pasture. We rotate them through our fields and supplement their feed with organic grain, milk, whey and spent brewery grains from our local brewer to obtain a healthy and lean product. All livestock is sold direct to the consumer in half or whole units or as breeding stock.